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We are the leading manufacturer of Hollow blocks. Which are highly used in construction of Houses, Buildings, Side walls and compound walls. Our quality of raw materials gives long lasting quality. We offer our Blocks in different sizes. This have high compressive strength.

  1. Hollow blocks are used instead of bricks for faster construction.
  2. These are usally soundproof and maintains low temperature in the room.
  3. Hollow blocks needs low maintenance.
  4. High durable.
  5. The construction speed is high.
  6. It has high tensile strength.
  7. Economical and cheap rates.
  8. It reduces the labour cost, reduces the consumption of cement and reduces total construction cost.
  9. Its no needs of plastering.
  10. The painting and color of Hollow blocks with stand many years for external environmental factors.
  11. This will reduce cost of Brick work atleast by 30%.

Hollow Block 6X8X16

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Hollow Block 4X8X16

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Hollow Block 8X8X16

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